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BCF (Bulked Continuous Filament)

Smartyarn has been began to produce carpet yarn with BCF technology since 2013. Our production capacity is 600 tonne per month with start of Smartyarn BCF facility.Polypropyene chips is used with high technology, it is in between 20 and 30 melting flow index.

Bcf means bulked continuous filament, polypropylene granules are melted and polymer is fed directly from continuous polymerisation to spinning, and then both drawn and textured, all in one continuous sequence.

Following application of heat fixes the yarn structure, since we are dealing with thermoplastic yarns.The resulting yarn has bulk but no torque. The bulk can be removed by the application of a light tension but returns on relaxing this tension. Being wound under a fairly high tension, the yarn in this state is referred to as having latent bulk properties.
During stuffer-box flowing filament by at about 3000 meter in a minute, texturing the heat is applied either by means of heated by heating the stuffer-box itself.The process suffered from its origin, which was the type of crimper used to produce staple fibres. These crimpers produced fibre with a given and acceptable variability but the subsequent blending of the fibres masked any slight irregularity in the crimp. However, the bulk is not permanent unless it is retained whilst the yarn is cooled. By making these filaments in one package, good stretching and good winding, yarn is made.


One ply or 2 ply twist can be done by Volkmann machinery lines. It can be produced between 40-700 turns per meter. This process provides the yarn to run smoothly in next stage by giving product point effects and resistance.

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After the twisting stage, the yarns are left for a rest then send to the heat-set process. In this production line we use the latest technology Superba machineries.Monthly Heat-Set capacity is 600 tonnes for this stage.

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